Dale DeGroff – America’s foremost mixologist

“Finally, a dirty martini product that accents a good gin instead of burying it!.. Dirty Sue tastes of fresh squeezed olive juice.”

Willy Shine – Beverage Professional

“When we are creating beverage programs around the country and training bartenders on the craft of mixology or very simply constructing a delicious freezing cold, very dirty martini we look one place for olive juice and that’s Dirty Sue!!! “

Jeffrey Morganthaler – Bartender/Beverage writer – Portland

“Being the consummate taste-tester, I brought a bottle to the bar and tried it out on some of the staff and customers. The verdict? Wonderful.”

Eric Alperin – Bar Owner - Los Angeles Area

“Dirty Sue is above and beyond any other olive brine option out there.”

Michael Glassberg – Bartender/Beverage Professional - New Orleans

“Olive juice has reached a new level with Dirty Sue. Its pure clean flavor stands alone and enhances every drink I use it in. I wouldn’t think of making a dirty martini without it.”

Natalie Bovis, The Liquid Muse.com

“In this era of cocktail renaissance, every aspect of a mixed drink is up for examination, and quality ingredients are integral to the evolution of modern mixology. Dirty Sue is one of those ‘Why the heck didn’t somebody think of this before?’ kind of products which fills a void in the market, elevates the integrity of the cocktail and manages to do so with a flirtatious wink to the crowd. No martini lover’s life is complete without Dirty Sue.”

Joseph Brooke – Beverage Professional - Los Angeles, CA

“The “cocktail revolution” is well upon us, and with it comes a huge increase in product quality across the board. any cocktail ingredient that can’t keep pace is more than likely to be forgotten in a few years. Dirty sue guarantees we won’t have to worry about which olive brine to stock for a very, very long time.”

Jason Shenkman – Bartender – San Diego

“My mother saw Dirty Sue in a store and asked me why I didn’t think of that.”

Michael Goldstein – Ad Exec/Cocktail Enthusiast

“After a long day at the office, nothing beats coming home to my Dirty Sue Martini… Dirty Sue martini that is.”

Keith McCarthy – GM - Jones Hollywood - Los Angeles

“The taste and quality of Dirty Sue are unparalleled. Dirty Sue also makes the bartenders happy by saving them time and effort.”

Meridith May – Senior Editor – The Tasting Panel

“Dirty Sue is a great product that leaves many in the industry saying, ‘Why didn’t I think of that?'”

Dave Sell – GM – The Exchange of Lansing

“Dirty Sue Rocks! We sell a ton of dirty martinis and this product really speeds up the process of making them. No more fumbling around with your hands in an olive jar and making a truly ‘dirty’ martini. Im hooked!”

Rose Rollins – Bartender – Los Angeles

“Dirty Martinis are more popular than ever. Dirty Sue makes my job so much easier.”

Dalton Grant – Bartender – Los Angeles

“Dirty Martinis were one of my least favorite drinks to make. With Dirty Sue, that has all changed.”

David Quane – Bartender – Los Angeles

“Not only is Dirty Sue convenient, but it tastes much better than what comes in the olive jars.”

David Barker – Bartender – San Francisco

“My customers love Dirty Sue.”

Jimmy Collins

"Dirty Sue Rocks!"

Lou Matlow, Philadelphia

“I never had a martini until I discovered Dirty Sue. I love it.”

Kate Giuffre, Washington, DC

“Dirty Sue managed to make a martini taste even classier. Even James Bond would order a dirty martini now, shaken or stirred.”

Candy Galas, Real Estate Broker, New York, New York

“Some people like to relax in a hot bath after a hard day at work, me I’d rather go home and get dirty. So I ignore the dishes in the sink, the teenage son, the dog and the husband and have myself a Dirty Sue Martini. Thanks Dirty Sue!”

Sylvia Lang, Atlantic City

“I used to have a fridge of full olive jars with no olive juice. Dirty Sue changed that.”

Ian Kreitenstein, Carmel

“Until I met Dirty Sue, I had to limit the amount of ‘dirty’ in my homeade dirty martini. Now I can enjoy a martini the way I like. Thank you, Dirty Sue!”

Candace Savage, Boston, Ma

“Dirty martinis are my favorite drink but I’ve always had to go out to have one, I just couldn’t get it right at home, no matter what I did. Then I discovered ‘bartenders’ b4 secret, Dirty Sue, now I can’t wait to get home!”

Phil Lodato, Indianapolis

“I just wanted to let you know that I think Dirty Sue is a great product. Dirty martinis are my favorite alcoholic drink, but, until Ifound Dirty Sue, I rarely made them myself because of the hassle and because they never tasted as good as they did at the bar. Now I make dirty martinis all the time and it’s all because of Dirty Sue. It’s easy and it tastes great.”

Joan Epstein, Tucson, AZ

“I won a martini basket at a raffle and a bottle of Dirty Sue was included. Several neighbors came over to share in my bounty and said these were the best dirty martinis they had every had. Thanks, Dirty Sue!”

Emily, Chicago

“This guy invited me to his house for dinner and he served me the BEST martini I’d ever tried! I was thrilled when I discovered the secret ingredient — Dirty Sue. I haven’t seen the guy since, but I’ve had many Dirty Sue Martinis. Love and marriage….all that can wait. I’m happy to have my Dirty Sue! Thank you!”

Sue Higgins, Roswell, GA

“Dirty Sue is the best olive juice on the market.”