Long-time bartender Eric ‘ET’ Tecosky set out to make the world’s first bottled olive juice formulated specifically for use in cocktails. He’d made countless dirty martinis and his bartender sensibility told him there had to be something far superior to what comes in an olive jar. Working with an olive farming family for over a year, he created Dirty Sue’s proprietary recipe. Imitations have come and gone, and Dirty Sue is still considered the best by top bars and home enthusiasts alike. Since the launch of Dirty Sue Premium Olive Juice, ET has applied the same care and attention to detail to a line of stuffed olives, onions, whiskey cherries and Bloody Mary Mix!

You can email info@dirtysue.com or call directly and speak to a person! 833 860 1881

9am - 6pm EST M-F

You can email info@dirtysue.com or call directly and speak to a person! 833 860 1699

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Good question! Please shoot us an email and let us know where Dirty Sue is needed. info@dirtysue.com

Two Years - once opened it should be refrigerated.

Dirty Sue is not a who, but a what. When ET, the founder of Dirty Sue, was trying to think of a catchy name for the brand, he figured it should be Dirty 'something' or ‘something' Dirty to connect the product to the dirty martini. Nothing seemed quite right until he spied his beach cruiser bike in the corner of the living room. (Yes, this was way before he met his wife) Painted on the frame of the bike was a WWII style pin-up model like you would see on the nose of a plane. And that  name - “The Flying Sue.” He saw that and immediately said out loud, “Dirty Sue.” A brand was born.

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