“Dirty Sue is to olive juice what Rose’s is to lime juice.”

~ Jimmy Collins, NYC

“I never had a martini until I discovered Dirty Sue. I love it.”

~ Lou Matlow, Philadelphia

“I don’t drink vodka but I love olives and the idea of a dirty martini. Someone turned me on to Dirty Sue and tequila shaken, not stirred. It’s my new favorite drink.”

~ Bree Delano, Las Vegas

“Dirty Sue managed to make a martini taste even classier. Even James Bond would order a dirty martini now, shaken or stirred.”

~ Kate Giuffre, Washington, DC

“Some people like to relax in a hot bath after a hard day at work, me I’d rather go home and get dirty. So I ignore the dishes in the sink, the teenage son, the dog and the husband and have myself a Dirty Sue Martini. Thanks Dirty Sue!”

~ Candy Galas, Real Estate Broker, New York, New York

“I used to have a fridge of full olive jars with no olive juice. Dirty Sue changed that.”

~ Sylvia Lang, Atlantic City

“Until I met Dirty Sue, I had to limit the amount of ‘dirty’ in my homeade dirty martini. Now I can enjoy a martini the way I like. Thank you, Dirty Sue!”

~ Ian Kreitenstein, Carmel

“Dirty martinis are my favorite drink but I’ve always had to go out to have one, I just couldn’t get it right at home, no matter what I did. Then I discovered the secret, Dirty Sue, now I can’t wait to get home!”

~ Candace Savage, Boston, Ma.

“I just wanted to let you know that I think Dirty Sue is a great product. Dirty martinis are my favorite alcoholic drink, but, until Ifound Dirty Sue, I rarely made them myself because of the hassle and because they never tasted as good as they did at the bar. Now I make dirty martinis all the time and it’s all because of Dirty Sue. It’s easy and it tastes great.”

~ Phil Lodato, Indianapolis

“I won a martini basket at a raffle and a bottle of Dirty Sue was included. Several neighbors came over to share in my bounty and said these were the best dirty martinis they had every had. Thanks, Dirty Sue!”

~ Joan Epstein, Tucson, AZ

“This guy invited me to his house for dinner and he served me the BEST martini I’d ever tried! I was thrilled when I discovered the secret ingredient — Dirty Sue. I haven’t seen the guy since, but I’ve had many Dirty Sue Martinis. Love and marriage….all that can wait. I’m happy to have my Dirty Sue! Thank you!”

~ Emily, Chicago

“Dirty Sue is the best olive juice on the market.”

~ Sue Higgins, Roswell, GA

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