Bar Professionals

“My mother saw Dirty Sue in a store and asked me why I didn’t think of that.”

~ Jason Shenkman – Bartender – San Diego

“Dirty Sue is a great and easy to use product that every bar/restaurant that is serious about their martinis should use.”

~ Allen Harding – Southern Wine & Spirits – Los Angeles

“Martini drinkers are becoming more and more discerning. Any bar or restaurant that wants to serve the best, should serve Dirty Sue.”

~ Michael Waterhouse – Owner – Dylan Prime/Devin Tavern – NYC

“After a long day at the office, nothing beats coming home to my Dirty Sue… Dirty Sue martini that is.”

~ Michael Goldstein – Vice President, Account Director – Draft, NYC – Ad Age’s Top-Ranked, 5-Star Agency – 2005 & 2006

“Dirty Sue saves my bartenders time and effort. My customers appreciate the quality and taste.”

~ Keith McCarthy – Owner – Falcon – Los Angeles

“Dirty Sue is a great product that leaves many in the industry saying, ‘Why didn’t I think of that?'”

~ Meridith May – Senior Editor – The Tasting Panel

“Dirty Sue Rocks! We sell a ton of dirty martinis and this product really speeds up the process of making them. No more fumbling around with your hands in an olive jar and making a truly ‘dirty’ martini. Im hooked!”

~ Dave Sell – GM – The Exchange of Lansing

“Dirty Martinis are more popular than ever. Dirty Sue makes my job so much easier.”

~ Rose Rollins – Bartender – Los Angeles

“Dirty Martinis were one of my least favorite drinks to make. With Dirty Sue, that has all changed.”

~ Dalton Grant – Bartender – Los Angeles

“Not only is Dirty Sue convenient, but it tastes much better than what comes in the olive jars.”

~ David Quane – Bartender – Los Angeles

“My customers love Dirty Sue.”

~ David Barker – Bartender – San Francisco

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