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Jim S., Maryland

“My wife and I went to the Washington, DC. food show last year. A dirty martini is my favorite drink. I can never make it at home like they do at the fine restaurants we dine at until now. Dirty Sue is great! Now I make them at home and Dirty Sue is the reason why they taste so good. I just ordered two more bottles. Thanks again.”

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Patrick G., Kansas

“I fell in love with dirty vodka martinis while serving in the US Marines. After I got out and started bartending, I too ran into the problem of having too many olives and not enough juice. In a blind taste test with some of my friends at the bar, Dirty Sue won every time! Keep up the good work!”

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Dana Moore – Nashville, TN

Wading through the Muck I am in Nashville, which is drowning! The national media is not reporting this, but we have major devastation. My husband I and went with our friend, Lyn to see her home; we had to travel by BOAT down her street, and rescued her datebook, calendar, computer, that is all. We put the plastic bags up over our heads to return to dry land in the boat.

We got in the car, I am expecting a complete breakdown from her, and she pulled out the one other item she saved from her home, which was a gift for me.

Really Dirty, Dirty Sue Bottle

It was a muddy bottle of Dirty Sue!! Laughter in the midst of tragedy! I had recently ordered a case and given a bottle to all my friends since I love it so much. Lyn needs to be your spokesperson when she recovers from her losses. Send me an email address and I will send you the dirty bottle photo rescued from Nashville’s 500 Year Flood. A woman with her priorities in order!

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Dennis Mockler

I can think of a lot of ways I’d like to use Dirty Sue but when all is said and done there’s only one way to respect such a classy lady…in a very dirty, very dry, dirty vodka martini. I consider myself a connoisseur of the dirty vodka martini and I regularly work on developing my discriminating taste. I’ve tried lesser products but my sweetheart Dirty Sue makes the experience of practicing my art a true joy.

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Diane Fuller

Just perfect! After trying a Dirty Martini (vodka) at a bar in Atlantic City, I experimented with the brine/juice from various bottles of olives and simply couldn’t replicate the taste of that first one. I’m so glad that I found my way to this site. I received my order the other day. The first Dirty Sue I made tasted wonderful. Can’t wait to try some of the other recipes!

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Kat C. – Georgia

My boyfriend never had a martini. I initiated him. He liked it. He most certainly never had a dirty martini. He loved it. He absolutely never, ever had a Dirty Sue Dirty Martini and now he absolutely LOVES me, because I introduced him! Thank you! I LOVE this man! And well, Dirty Sue, I love you too—kind of in a different way, but ‘love’ is still the optimal word!

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Pamela Sue – Ohio

“You can have the greatest top shelf vodka, gin or tequila…the coolest bar tools and glassware…the sexiest music and food…but your party for one or many can be ramped up just by adding Dirty Sue to your bar. It has completely revolutionized so many drinks including the dirty martini ( my personal preference) to an extremely, deliciously high level. I just cannot drink them anymore without it. I take a bottle out with me to dinner, bars and clubs and to friends parties. Trust me, if you have not experienced a cocktail with Dirty Sue, just buy one bottle and I promise that you will buy more and recommend the product to friends and your favorite bartenders. Enjoy!”

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