Dirty Sue – The Original Premium Olive Juice – came about on an otherwise regular shift at legendary Los Angeles restaurant, Jones Hollywood. Bartender Eric Tecosky reached for the gallon jar of olives and realized it was full of olives but void of olive juice. He looked at his co-worker and asked, “How come no one bottles olive juice?”

One year and countless tastings later, Dirty Sue was born.

Dirty martinis have been popular since the days of F.D.R., and no one wanted to change that. The goal of Dirty Sue was to offer consumers a better olive juice product for dirty martinis than they had been settling for.

Most fans of dirty martinis have the same problem; they run out of olive juice before they run out of olives. That issue is only half of the battle. The real problem is quality. Olive juice was originally packed in the jars to keep the olives from spoiling – not to be used in a cocktail. The quality of that brine is very low and barely discernible from salt water. Dirty Sue is twice-filtered premium olive juice that has been created for the sole purpose of making the perfect dirty martini.



Ever seen a bartender reach his hands into an olive jar to refill his olive tray? Ever seen olive juice sit in that same olive tray all night and then get dumped back in the jar? Would you like to be the next person to order a dirty martini? The problem is now solved. Customers need not worry about their dirty martinis being ‘dirty.’ By using Dirty Sue, customers are guaranteed the ‘cleanest’ dirty martini they’ve ever enjoyed. Next time you walk into your favorite bar, tell the bartender, “I want my Dirty Sue!”


Dirty Sue is made from premium olives and then twice-filtered. Instead of using the mystery juice from the jar you can be sure that with Dirty Sue, every dirty martini poured will be as perfect as the last one you savored.


Dirty Sue will eliminate the expense of wasting olives. Say goodbye to jars with no brine – full of spoiling olives. The brine can now stay in the jar, keeping the olives fresh the way they’re supposed to be.


Bartenders will no longer waste time looking for and handling clumsy olive jars when they should be making drinks and making the bar money!