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Premium Olive Juice and Hand Stuffed Garnishes

Dirty Sue was created by bartenders for bartenders and home enthusiasts. The finest first quality olives from the Sevilla region of Spain are the heart of this proprietary olive juice recipe. Dirty Sue is twice filtered brine (olive juice) made from premium olives and comes in an attractive bottle made to be stocked alongside other bar staples, or in the fridge at home.

Dirty Sue products are the perfect complement to your favorite gin or vodka when you are ready to enjoy a classic dirty martini. Purchase your bottles of Dirty Sue Premium Olive Juice today to take wherever you go!

Wholesale clients and distributors, please call (323) 828-7869.

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“Finally, a dirty martini product that accents a good gin instead of burying it!.. Dirty Sue tastes of fresh squeezed olive juice.”

~ Dale DeGroff – America’s foremost mixologist

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